The selection of your wedding rings.

6 Steps to the perfect wedding ring

The choice of wedding rings is one of the most important decisions during the wedding preparations. Ideally, you should therefore arrange your first visit with us 3 to 4 months before your wedding. What you can think about in advance when looking for the perfect wedding rings, we have summarized for you in the following 6 steps:

STEP 1: The shape

Round, oval or rather angular? Which shape feels right on the finger is individual and different from hand to hand. In order to test the correct shape of your rings "up close", we offer you to make free test rings to check the wearing comfort when ordering the wedding rings.

Step 2: Height and width

Just like the shape, the width and height of the wedding rings also vary from person to person. Although often preferred when first worn, flat rings are often less comfortable to wear over the long term than slightly higher rings. When selecting the height, the chosen stone setting also plays a role. Very narrow rings often lack sufficient stability or feel childish after a few years of wearing them.

Step 3: The colour

Rich yellow gold, white gold, red gold or soft rose gold, brilliant white platinum or palladium - the abundance of precious metals and colors is diverse. When selecting the alloys, it is also important to consider whether your rings should be designed in one or more colors and what the interplay of the colors should look like.

Step 4: The surface

How the shape and colour of the rings come into their own is strongly influenced by the choice of surface structure. It can shine like a mirror, be matted in various ways, but strong structures such as hammer blows are also possible. However, your rings acquire their unique patina quite naturally over time through daily wear - like a fingerprint of the moments experienced together.


Step 5: Stone setting

The stone setting is often the biggest difference between women's and men's rings. Does a single diamond set accents or several arranged in a line, in a wave shape or in a starry sky? In principle, all types of gemstones are possible, but we recommend diamonds because of their resistance. However, these do not always have to be classic colorless, but also in different strong fancy colors such as blue, pink, yellow, brown or green.

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EGF, Gold

Step 6: The engraving

You can set an individual note when engraving your wedding rings. Leave a special message of love in your partner's ring. In addition to the wedding date and your name, this can be, for example, an individual drawing or sketch, a message in your own handwriting or a fingerprint, implemented in diamond or lazure engraving.